People walk a across a large, open, cobbled square in the centre of Montpellier

Shopping in Montpellier

I’ve written a couple of posts about Montpellier already, but it would be a crime not to tell you all about the shopping opportunities.

Pretty much everyone I know, whenever they need some new clothes, shoes or just a bit of retail therapy, they head down to Montpellier. It’s extremely easy to get there, you can get the train and walk out of the station straight into the centre of this beautiful city.

In a day and age where online shopping is quite literally just one click away, I think it’s great to actually get out into the real world and have a wander through the shops.

The amount of shops is absolutely ridiculous, you can find anything and everything you could possibly need and want. During the summer and some of the colder months, there is a market on the main square, and during the winter there is a fabulous Christmas market.

The Polygone and Antigone are the most obvious places to go shopping, as they are both very big shopping centres with a wide variety of shops. But personally, my favourite thing to do is just wander around the little side roads and explore the little individual shops. It is quite easy to get lost whilst doing this, but fear not, the locals will be around to help you find your way back to the centre.

All of the sales people are absolutely lovely, most speak english and they are all extremely friendly and happy to help. One of my favourite shops is near the old Virgin Media shop, it’s down a little side road and is a comic book shop. It doesn’t limit itself to just comic books though, there are lots of figurines and DVDs etc, pretty much a heaven on earth for people interested in superheroes like myself.

You can also find a lot of vintage clothing shops, LP shops, vintage furniture and so much more. There are quite a few expensive shops like Vans, Zara, and some great jewellery shops, but if you’re looking for a bargain then the side roads are for you.

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