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A sundial on a stone wall in Roquebrun in the South of France

Roquebrun, the perfect day out

As everyone knows, beaches are all the craze here in the South of France, but a water feature that is highly underestimated in this area is the rivers. I know what you’re thinking, rivers are dirty and unpredictable, especially when…

August Beziers Feria.

One thing that every French person looks forward to, are the Ferias and Fetes du Village.

Baked Camembert.

I think it’s safe to say that one of the best things about France, is definitely the food. There is a massive variety of food that will please your tastebuds, and Baked Camembert is one of my favourites.

End of summer.

Even though the end of summer is upon us, it doesn’t mean the sun is going away just yet!

Bastille day in Cazouls.

As most of you probably know, Bastille day is a big celebration here in France, and every year, all of the French gather together to celebrate it in whatever way they can find.

Beaches in the South of France – Grau d’Agde

  Throughout the year, if there’s one thing that we all look forward to (other than Christmas), is the summer holidays. When you hear the words “summer” and “holidays” in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind…

Another wine tour.

If you read one of my previous posts, you’ll know that Vin en Vacances often organise wine tours for people in the area.