A sundial on a stone wall in Roquebrun in the South of France

Roquebrun, the perfect day out

As everyone knows, beaches are all the craze here in the South of France, but a water feature that is highly underestimated in this area is the rivers. I know what you’re thinking, rivers are dirty and unpredictable, especially when there’s a current. But the river at Roquebrun is different: Roquebrun is the river of dreams! 

There are three areas available for you to swim in, only one of them has a current but is still bearable. There are toilets next to the river, as well as a big space for you to park your car.

Once you’ve finished lounging in the sun and swimming in the sun kissed water, you can head on up to one of the best restaurants in Roquebrun. Le Petit Nice has a wide variety of delicious food, from pizzas and salads to steak and seafood, and of course, all of the staff are extremely friendly. Make sure that you book in advance, as you can secure yourself a table on the balcony, overlooking the river. Roquebrun village is very beautiful, but there are a lot of hills and steps, so if you’re planning on exploring the sites, then you should wear comfortable shoes, and don’t forget your suncream!

Roquebrun is a very family friendly place with lots of beautiful views and places to visit. It all makes for a very satisfying day out!

Image by Griffeinfo on Pixabay

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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