August Beziers Feria.

One thing that every French person looks forward to, are the Ferias and Fetes du Village.

Every summer, most villages and towns have their own little “street party”, in which the streets are lined with bars, open clubs and lots of music. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, in the evening there are tables lined up as well as lots of different cooking stations, so you can buy your food and enjoy your meal in the company of about 30 other people at your table. As the night goes on, the partying starts, it is at this time that all of the youngsters will show up to have a good time. It’s a tradition in the younger generation to go to as many of these festivals as possible throughout the summer, and they all lead up to the best one, which is in the centre of Beziers in August.

Beziers and Nimes ferias are two of the biggest in the south of France, and people from all around the country travel down to experience them. There is often a main stage right in the centre, and then a lot of bars and “bodegas” all around. Police is very strict during this time so you know you’ll definitely be safe and won’t get into any trouble.

During the day, there are bullfights held at the local Arena. I am personally against bullfights so I myself have never been to one, but I’ve heard that they are a really great experience none the less.

So if you’re ever in the South of France during August, be sure to check out the Feria, it’s an amazing experience!

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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