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A sundial on a stone wall in Roquebrun in the South of France

Roquebrun, the perfect day out

As everyone knows, beaches are all the craze here in the South of France, but a water feature that is highly underestimated in this area is the rivers. I know what you’re thinking, rivers are dirty and unpredictable, especially when…

August Beziers Feria.

One thing that every French person looks forward to, are the Ferias and Fetes du Village.

Beaches in the South of France – Grau d’Agde

  Throughout the year, if there’s one thing that we all look forward to (other than Christmas), is the summer holidays. When you hear the words “summer” and “holidays” in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind…

Another Côte d’Azur trip!

Given the fact that the last trip to the Côte d’Azur was such a success, we decided it was about time we returned to one of our favourite places in the South of France!

Restaurant of the week: Pom’Cannelle

Whilst on holiday, sometimes you just don’t fancy a sit down meal at a fancy restaurant. Sometimes, you just want to pig out on some delicious pizza. Pom’Cannelle is the perfect place for this.

Visiting Sète

Sète has always been one of my favourite destinations in France, it’s vibrant and exciting, yet picturesque and relaxing.

Bulls and beaches at Portiragnes Plage.

One of the many great things about the South of France, is of course the beaches, but how would you like to get a taste of the French culture, whilst at the beach? If that’s the case, then make your…

What to do in February…Property visits!

For the next few months here at South France Holiday Villas, we have two enthusiastic students doing their college internship with our company and their first job is to help us make our property visits!