Dealing with Mosquitos on your Mediterranean Holiday

Mosquitos are not something we are troubled too much by until we go on holiday. Since moving to the South of France, they really are my nemesis! I get bitten the second the sun makes an appearance in Spring and from then on I seem to be bitten daily. This year the problem has been far worse than in previous years, probably due to a wet spring and hot dry summary, so I decided to actually do something about it instead of just complain about it. Luckily couple of things have worked! There are a few things on this list that I haven’t actually tried yet because I have already solved my problem to a certain extent, but I’ve heard from reliable sources that all these methods work.

1. Buy a plug in to put in your room. We started off with a liquid one but it ended up leaking everywhere, but that was mainly because we couldn’t put it in straight in the first place so that was our fault. It worked great though and neither Sander or I got bitten at all, and it lasted for 2 months! You can usually by these in most of the airports that fly into the South of France or from local pharmacies once you arrive. Some of our villa owners provide them so check the kitchen drawers!

We’re now trying out another one which isn’t liquid, just a sort of plug-in that glows, so far it’s alright, I think the liquid one is a lot better because I have been bitten since putting this one in, but still a lot less than usual.

2. Mosquito repellent sprays and creams – I’m usually the first to throw these in the bin because I just can’t stand the smell of them: you end up smelling like you’ve just cannon-balled into a swimming pool full of chemicals. I have found a couple of creams that either don’t have a scent, or have a pretty nice one though, so there are a few out there that will suit every need and as far as I know, they work pretty well! A few good brands are Apaisyl, PurEssentiel Anti-pique – usually available in local pharmacies in the South of France.

3. Warming a spoon under the tap and then placing on the bite apparently takes all of the protein out of it which then means it doesn’t itch anymore. I’ve heard some people say that this works for them and others say that it doesn’t, so it really depends on the person. Luckily all of our villas come with fully equipped kitchens, so you can easily try this out for yourself if you haven’t got any other remedies handy whilst your staying in our of our villas or apartments in the South of France.

4. Listerine – I know this one sounds weird but if you put some Listerine mouth wash in a spray bottle, and spray around your garden/eating area/house, then they stay well away! Listerine is readily available in the South of France so it’s something you could try if you’re struggling to relax on the terrace at certain times of year.

5. Citronella candles. We had a BBQ with a lot of people a couple of weeks ago and mistakenly thought that they would keep the wasps away. The wasps weren’t fazed by them at all but there wasn’t a single mosquito around, so safe to say that they work! Most of our villa owners will have one or two of these in a cupboard so it’s worth taking a look around. If you can’t find one in your villa or apartment most local supermarkets stock them.

Good luck! Hopefully, these tips will make your holiday in the South of France slightly more comfortable! Gina

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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