Bastille day in Cazouls.

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As most of you probably know, Bastille day is a big celebration here in France, and every year, all of the French gather together to celebrate it in whatever way they can find.

For the past couple of years, Cazouls has hosted a Bastille day party/dinner for anyone and everyone who wishes to join in. If you buy your tickets early, you’re guaranteed a seat at one of the big tables, a meal, and some drinks to go along with it. The food is of course no five star meal, but it’s delicious none the less. You usually are given a starter which can consist of anything from a selection of meats to melon with dried ham, your main meal is usually some sort of meat (that they roast on a fire in front of you!) along with some vegetables such as beans or carrots, and last but not least, the dessert varies a lot, this year we were lucky enough to have some delicious cheeses as well as a slice of Tarte Tatin (apple tart). You’re also given quite a lot of bread, as well as some red, rosé and white wine, and of course, some water.

meal, cazouls, bastille, south of france

If you’re not up for a sit down meal, then instead of dishing out a small 13euros for the tickets, just go along and you can indulge in hotdogs, burgers, chips and crisps, which are all sold behind the bar. As for the drinks, they have a wide selection including beer, cherry beer, wine, soft drinks and I think I even saw some stronger drinks going around.

All of this takes place in a large field that has been converted into a little party area. As you walk through the gates, you’re greeted with traditional french music, which then turns into a live band as the night goes on. At the back of the field, behind the cooking station, there’s a big fair where all of the kids can go and have fun, there are lots of machines and a few rides to keep them busy.

bastille day, band, live, cazouls, south of france

bastille day, cazouls, south of france, live band

The best part of the night is definitely the fireworks, they’re accompanied by some loud, fun music and go on for about 10 minutes. They’re let off in the field next door so they’re quite close, which makes the experience all the more special.

This event is around every single year and it’s always loads of fun for the whole family. As the night goes on, the families go back to their homes and the youngsters arrive to party, so no matter what age you are, this will definitely be a fun place to go to on Bastille day.

fireworks, bastille day, cazouls, south of france

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