Portiragnes bike ride and rollerblading


Let’s go back in time. Many many years ago, little 9 year old Gina put on her rollerblades and set off with her friends to Portiragnes Plage.

Myself, my family and my friends family all decided to go to Portiragnes-Plage for the day with our bikes and rollerblades, and spend the day having as much fun as we could handle. There is a bike route that goes from the centre town all the way to the beach, a smooth and clean road that is perfect to use your wheels on.

We set off in the early afternoon, and by lunch time we were all sitting on the beach enjoying the sunshine. The path is so smooth that even a highly un-coordinated girl like myself could manage to get around on rollerblades, without falling over too many times.

It’s a really great day out and is loads of fun, you’ll often see a lot of other people enjoying the same experience as you, but the great thing is that it doesn’t get too crowded.

If you’re enjoying a sunny holiday in Portiragnes but find yourself without a bike, don’t worry because there are loads of places to rent some from, including rollerblades or scooters for the youngsters. You can find a perfect holiday home and everything you need to know about Portiragnes thanks to this link –


Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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