View along the canal to a tree-lined square in Narbonne

A Day Trip to Narbonne

If you’re looking for a lovely day out, full of everything you could possibly need, then head on over to Narbonne.

Narbonne’s main square has always been the go to place, with its Roman ruins and several cafes, you can enjoy a coffee whilst admiring the wonderful architecture.

Every week there is a huge market selling everything you can think of, from food and clothes to ironing boards and handbags! It’s a great place to wander around and really get a feel for the South of France. There is also an indoor market that is open every day, which sells the most amazing typical French foods.

If you’re more likely to enjoy a stroll, you can head on down the the Canal. It’s often a very quiet place with the odd cycler or jogger whizzing past, and is especially beautiful when the sun is shining.

You can also find a beautiful cathedral which is great for tourists to explore.

Image par Ben Lescure de Pixabay

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Gina Evans-Forte
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