A view towards the end of Les Quais in Perpignan in the South of France

What to see in Perpignan

Perpignan has always been a great place to visit. I don’t have the opportunity to go there too often, but when I do I’m never disappointed.

The city centre in Perpignan is amazing, it has a fabulous square with loads of cafes, bistros and restaurants around, so you can always find somewhere perfect to enjoy a meal.

It has a lot of little alley ways off the square, which are filled with as many shops as you could ever need. It’s definitely a great place to go Christmas shopping, as you can find just about everything imaginable. It’s particularly beautiful during the winter months coming up to Christmas, as all of the streets are decorated so well that you feel festive just looking at them.

If you’re interested in architecture, then this is a great place to visit as there is wonderful architecture everywhere you turn. The Cathedral of St John the Baptist and La Place de la Republique are both full of beauty and culture, so be sure to bring your camera!

Image by sudmedimmo on Pixabay

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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