Let’s go to Montpellier


Forever my third favourite city, Montpellier never fails to disappoint.

The activities in Montpellier are endless, I’ve talked about all of them before on this blog. But if you want to venture outside of the centre and go on a little adventure, then you’ve come to the right place.

Only a 20 minute tram ride away is a big shopping center called Antigone, where you can find so many different shops and restaurants, even an Ikea. Walk a bit further away from Ikea and it’s as if you’re entering a little village. There are massive restaurants all around you, including buildings full of really fun things to do.

Ice skating:
The ice rink in Montpellier is really great, you have one basic one which is just circular, same as you find everywhere; but the other one is more of a disco rink, it’s got loads of different passageways including a tunnel that lights up with loads of different colours. There is an absolutely massive screen that plays music videos non stop and the atmosphere is just so great. For those of you not keen on ice skating but have people close to you who would enjoy it, you can go upstairs and have a drink whilst watching them through the glass windows of the upper floor restaurant/cafe.

Laser Shooting:
Now this is really fun. I had never been laser shooting up until a couple of years ago, and that was in Montpellier. It’s so much fun, there are multiple rooms and you’re in complete darkness except for a few lights here and there to make sure you don’t fall over. Sometimes you’re able to rent an entire room for just your group, which is in my opinion the best way to do it. Even if you’re with people you’ve never met before though, it’s so much fun. It’s great for any age group, although I’ve always found that its really fun with older people, because everyone really gets into it and you have a great time!

I’m a sucker for aquariums, especially if there are sharks (weird, I know). Montpellier aquarium is fantastic. I remember when it first opened, we queued outside for what seemed like hours and hours until finally we were allowed in. It’s pretty reasonably priced as far as aquariums go, and the inside is absolutely amazing. I can’t even explain to you what’s inside because it’s all so random, there’s even a pitch black room with glow in the dark jellyfish! The main attraction is the big fish tank in which there are quite a few sharks all swimming around. There is also a kind of boat that you go in and it makes you believe that you’re in a storm at sea and about to be capsized. All very fun!

There are a lot more things to do in this part of Montpellier, but if I was to list them all I would be here for weeks. Come on down and discover everything yourself, it’s so worth it!


Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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