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View along the canal to a tree-lined square in Narbonne

A Day Trip to Narbonne

If you’re looking for a lovely day out, full of everything you could possibly need, then head on over to Narbonne.

Another wine tour.

If you read one of my previous posts, you’ll know that Vin en Vacances often organise wine tours for people in the area.

I went to Montpellier!

Hello there! I’ve always loved Montpellier, I love it so much that I chose to study tourism and communication there for a couple of years. I had never been a city girl, I’ve always lived in the countryside, so studying…

Beach fun at Valras Plage

Hello there! Now, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the beaches in the South of France are to die for. One day this summer, my mum turned to me and said “right guys, I have…

A day out in Minerve

Hello there! A couple of weeks ago, my mother, boyfriend and myself, all went on a day trip to a beautiful little village called Minerve. The sun was shining, I had on my best shorts along with my best sunglasses,…