Welcome to Nissan les Enserunes!

Nissan has always been one of my favourite villages in the South of France, it’s quiet, beautiful, all of the locals are friendly and it’s a great place to relax.

The village in itself is very quiet, with lots of local shops and cafes to choose from. All of the villagers are lovely and will lend a helping hand when needed. On a typical summers day, you’ll find kids and teenagers skateboarding next to the town hall, the elderly sitting on benches chatting away, and tourists picking up baguettes from the local bakery.

If you’re looking for activities to enjoy during the day, you should definitely go on down to Le Canal du Midi, once there, you can rent a boat and spend the day sailing alone the canal, eating a picnic and enjoying the sun!


The views in Nissan are also not to be missed, as you can see from this photo, they are definitely one of a kind and worth seeing!


Nissan has a lot of qualities, which make it a great village to visit during the summer months, whether you’re 18, 40 or 80, you’ll definitely enjoy Nissan Les Enserunes.

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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