Montpellier Zoo – Languedoc, France – Not just birds and antelope!

If you’re looking for a free, fun and informative day out, look no further than Montpellier zoo.  Not only is it a nature reserve, but there are other fun activities, especially for children, like the Amazonian Greenhouse (which does have a fee).

I’ve visited the zoo at Montpellier, or more correctly the Parc Zoologique Henri de Lunaret, several times, and I have never been disappointed!  At over 80 hectares, it is possible to walk around the greenery for hours and still not retrace your steps.


My favourite place is quite near the entrance – the ring-tailed lemur enclosure.  These are my favourite animals and it’s both amusing and heartening to watch these lemurs interact with one another; their bushy striped tails and wide amber eyes are so cute!


There are so many different animals and birds to see here.  There are maps all around the park with different trails you can follow; the African trail, the Asian trail, etc.


Montpellier Zoo Map, south france holiday villas
Montpellier Zoo Map

I loved watching the majestic rhinos and the cuddly-looking bears (although cuddly-looking, I am sure I wouldn’t want to find myself in an enclosure with them!).


Animals at Montpellier Zoo, south France holiday villas
Animals at Montpellier Zoo




One of the times I visited was in the height of summer, and this truly is the only complaint I have of this zoo.  It was extremely hot!  Luckily, water fountains are situated at very regular intervals – where I must admit, I stuck my head under them – and there is a lot of shade from all the trees.

If you want to visit this zoo, bear (pun intentional) in mind that parking can be a problem as it is free, but  I have never not found a place yet.

The zoo is also a little difficult to find.  There are signposts the nearer you get, which are really helpful, but it is quite out of the way so a printed map from Google or a GPS would be a good idea.

All in all, I’d give this five out five stars!  I loved each and every visit!

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