Following in the Life of… A Holiday Villa Rental Agent

This week’s post effectively demonstrates the twists and turns that life and property can take us!  Sometimes life is grand, the sun is shining and the birds are twittering…  And sometimes your entire property can be overtaken by a random family of whom you knew nothing about!

As per the norm, we undertook a regular scheduled surveillance visit to an apartment in Marseillan that belongs to one of our owners who lives in England.

Unfortunately, not per the norm, upon arriving at the property, we found a French family in residence!

The positive take on the ensuing situation was at least we speak French so we could communicate with them, although the story told was not quite what we expected.

The advised that they had rented the apartment from the local estate agent, and whilst this may have been true, the estate agent had since gone out of business – but somewhat surprisingly was still collecting the rent!!!

Some back and forth resulted, and after contacting the owner, we found the estate agent had omitted to let the owner know he had rented the property.

Now this, in itself, wasn’t exactly a small problem, but the entire issue had to be expedited as the owner’s daughter had booked a holiday to stay in the apartment and was arriving that weekend!

We had the unenviable task of getting the family out of the apartment and cleaning it up so it was all ship-shape for the owner’s daughter’s arrival.

And what is the motto of this story????  Be VERY careful who you give your keys to!


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