Tips to Maximise your Bookings

These days many people don’t like to be without the internet even when they’re on holiday. Some people need to check their work emails, some people like to be able to look up local attractions or use online map facilities, and some people simply like to be able to upload their photos during their trip so their friends and family can see them. Providing internet at your property is becoming more and more popular. Some owners simply provide broadband wireless access at their villa or apartment so that people may bring their own laptops and connect that way. Some owners provide a computer with internet that may be used for their clients during their rental period. Whichever way you would like to do it, having the internet at your property is a big draw.

Another big draw for customers is having some UK television channels to watch. All sorts of people like to be able to relax in front of a television whilst on holiday; ports enthusiasts, children, elderly, those who have been out and about all day long and need to just switch off for a while. Many of our enquirers are looking for a property that can provide this and those properties get sold out first.

In conjunction with UK television channels, a clean and comfortable sitting area is another must-have if you want to maximise your bookings. There’s nothing better than relaxing into a comfortable sofa after a long day of sight-seeing and swimming in the sea. Photos of such a sitting room looking clean and inviting could definitely lead to more bookings.

If your property does not have air-conditioning, having a fan in each bedroom and in the living areas is a must! Most people aren’t used to the heat in the south of France and it is essential to provide fans to get the air moving, especially at night time. Properties without air-conditioning or fans often have a difficult time getting slots booked.

Another facility that is often requested is a good barbecue in the garden. Whilst on holiday, many folk enjoy cooking outdoors and eating on a terrace. This is especially good if there is no air-conditioning in the house. The outlay of a barbecue is much smaller than the potential in bookings you could take!

Like a good barbecue, good kitchen facilities really help people choose your property. If you have a neatly set out kitchen with features such as a toaster, kettle, full set of utensils, etc., people will be more likely to book your property. Tasks are supposed to be easy when you’re on holiday and no one wants to get a villa with a kitchen that doesn’t have basic items such as can openers or chopping boards.

Finally, a popular pastime that is often requested is table tennis. This isn’t such a must-have as the other features described on this list but it is definitely a draw. If you can, purchase a table tennis table and advertise it on your listings. Add some photos of people enjoying themselves around the table. Many people like to have activities such as this at their holiday home.

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