Pézénas, yes, again!

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If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll have noticed that I have already written about Pézénas a few blog posts ago. “Why is she writing about it again?” you ask? Well fellow readers, because we loved it so much we decided to go back again! This time, we thought it was smart to go during the day. My mum often has meetings in different parts of our region, so we like to combine the two and go out on a day trip while my mum deals with her meeting.

Water fountain at Pézénas
One of my favourite things to see in Pézénas, is the fountains coming out from the ground. I was just waiting for a toddler to appear and not realise what the small holes in the ground were…evil, I know.

Mum dropped us off just outside the town, and we walked to the center. Sadly, it was a Sunday, so not much was open, but this did give us the chance to explore the town at our own pace, without a lot of tourists bumping into us and asking for directions. We didn’t really have anywhere specific that we wanted to go to, so we decided to simply wander around for a little while. It was an extremely hot day, so we got thirsty pretty quickly, so we walked a short distance and found an absolutely lovely café/restaurant called Le Vieux Coq and had a drink there.

Non-Alcoholic cocktails at Le Vieux Coq in Pézénas
Non-alcoholic cocktails, absolutely delicious!
Cold beer at Le Vieux Coq in Pézénas
A lovely cold beer is also on the menu!

A short while after, my mum called me and told me her meeting was finished, so I suggested that she come and find us, and we have lunch in the café/restaurant that my boyfriend and I were already in. We got moved to a bigger table and had an absolutely delicious meal. The menu was small yet diverse, with a lot of different choices and a daily Specials menu.

Delicious food at Le Vieux Coq in Pézénas
Ohhh, just seeing this photo is making my mouth water. I had the most delicious goat cheese and tomato filled toasted wrap and it was tastebud heaven!
View from Le Vieux Coq in Pézénas
This is the view of the square from the restaurant’s balcony.

After thoroughly enjoying our food and drinks, we set off again to find the car, while taking small detours through the old village itself.

Sweet shop in Pézénas
Oh, what’s this you say? Let’s take a peek inside…
Sweet shop in Pézénas
It’s a sweet shop! I’ve seen these shops hidden down little side roads in lots of other villages, so I was delighted to find one in Pézénas!

It was a lovely day, and just goes to show that whether it’s day or night, Pézénas is always a great and fun place to be for the whole family!

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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