Maximising your bookings part II

If you’re renting out a property in the south of France and you would like to maximise your bookings, look at yesterday’s posting and also today’s.


The importance of good towels and bed linen: This might sound silly, but imagine you are in a holiday villa and you have stained, scratchy towels and mismatched, old bed linen.  Whether the rest of the house is luxurious or basic, these small things would really sway your opinion of it.  New towels and bed linen don’t have to be expensive but they can really brighten up a stay in a holiday villa.


Welcome Packs: After a long journey to your holiday villa, you may be very weary.  On arrival at the villa, you find some milk, some fresh French bread, some juice, some fresh fruit, a bottle of wine and some other basics.  This might be just the thing you need to perk you up before you feel like going out and doing battle at the local supermarket.  Welcome Packs don’t need to be large – just thoughtful.


Thoughtful Touches: If you’re staying at a holiday villa for a week, you don’t really want to spend money on a mosquito candle, lots of dishwashing detergent, bin bags, etc.  These things are not very expensive to provide for a season, but they can really make that little bit of difference to clients.


House Manuals:  Leaving a good house manual is essential.  Little details of how to use certain facilities in the house or how to jiggle a strange key can be invaluable.  Similarly, good local restaurants and directions to local tourist attractions are an excellent touch because if you have already discovered some culinary delights in the area, it seems a shame that others might not!


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