Luxury Spa Resorts – 30% discount!

Two weeks ago we started renting out Garrigae properties.  These luxury resorts are selling out fast for this summer already and you’ve only got 4 more days left for the 30% discount sale for early booking! 

Rent an apartment at Port Rive Gauche or Le Couvent d’Herepian for a romantic getaway or rent a villa at Les Jardins de Saint Benoit for a wonderful family holiday. 

Garrigae properties are very exclusive and luxurious and all the rooms and apartments and villas are very new.  If you fancy staying in a newly built, high-class establishment, check out our Garrigae properties now.


LDP101 – 107

LJSB101 – 106

PRG101 – 103

LCH101 – 105

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