Christmas has arrived!

Hello there!

Every year, Christmas decorations and  music seem to appear around the world earlier and earlier, and this year, they’ve already arrived! Upon driving past a shopping centre in my home town, I noticed that it was completely decorated! Some people might think it’s a bit soon, but being a Christmas enthusiast, I think it’s perfect! It brings me such joy to look around and see all of the decorations, and to listen to Christmas music in the car and on the radio, it really lets you know that it is coming, and that it’s going to be amazing!

Béziers used to be quite terrible with decorations, they always used to leave the lights up all year round, and not really put much effort in at all. However, in the past few years, they’ve turned the town into a lovely winter wonderland! During December, they open a Christmas market in the centre, they put up gorgeous little chalets covered in fake snow, pretty lights, and a very lovely range of Christmas gifts!

Shop owners have also upped their game, and last year I saw quite a few shops beautifully decorated, which definitely put a smile on my face! One of the places you definitely have to go to this Christmas, is the Polygone. The Polygone is the shopping centre I talked about, and their decorations have always been spot on. Every single shop is decorated, there’s a massive Christmas tree, lots of Christmassy decorations all around the entire shopping centre, they’ve made it look absolutely lovely as usual! I managed to take a few snaps, so here they are!


Christmas display in Polygone Béziers
A Christmas display in the shopping centre
Christmas tree in the Polygone shopping centre
The beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of the Polygone shopping centre.


So if you’re in Béziers, have a wonder through the streets and I’m sure you’ll find some beautiful places, full of Christmas spirit!

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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