Top activities to do this summer!

In my personal opinion, summer is the best time of year. Beaches, swimming pool, sunbathing, eating ice creams, big days out, holidays, relaxing..the list goes on.

The thing about booking a holiday, is that you’re so excited whilst booking it, and then once you get there, sometimes it can be a bit like “well, what now?”, you were so excited during the booking process, that you didn’t really think about what you’d do once you got there, other than sunbathing and eating lots of ice cream of course. So this list, is a list of fun things you can do during the summer, in the South of France. From personal experience, I can tell you that there is so much to do, but it’s not always easy to find the inspiration to go out looking!

So here it is, the top activities to do this summer, in the South of France! (In multiple posts)

1. Toro Piscine. A Toro Piscine is when a medium sized bull, is put into an arena along with some brave volunteers from the audience, in order to play some really fun games, such as football and “don’t let the bull see you”. There is a little paddling pool in the middle of the arena, which is used in most of the games. It’s a really fun experience for the entire family, as the bull is not harmed at all. Toro Piscines go on pretty much everywhere, all summer long, the best ones take place in Portiragnes, Cap d’Agde and Beziers. Be sure to bring a pillow and a blanket with you though, the seats are hard and it tends to get a little bit chilly!

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