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Sur le pont d’Avignon

I bet that title brought back some childhood memories, huh? Personally, I can just picture myself in my little school uniform, screaming out the lyrics as loud as I possibly can, in potentially the worst French accent you’ve ever heard. 

The red, white, and blue "hashtag I Love Nice' sign lit up at night with the city in darkness behind.

Nightlife in Cannes and Nice

Nice and Cannes are known for many things, one of the main things is definitely the nightlife. If you’re over 18 then you’re in for a treat, as the possibilities are endless.

La Charnière, Bar, Restaurant

Did someone say…fish and chips?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “fish and chips in France? What?” but it’s true! Over the Christmas holidays, I was lucky enough to be taken to a fish and chips restaurant, owned by retired rugby player Johnny Howard. Johnny…