South France Holiday Villas Launching Garrigae Resorts

A Garrigae Resort

South France Holiday Villas is proud to announce that we have just started to advertise Garrigae properties. You might ask what this means; Garrigae is a French company that builds beautiful resorts and then rents the apartments / villas out to lucky customers.

Most of the Garriage resorts have an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. There is usually a spa where you can have a massage and relax. Most resorts have a restaurant and wine bar onsite and various other communal areas. All the suites are luxury and have WiFi.

To view the various resorts, please click on the link below:

To view Les Jardins de Saint Benoit, enter references numbers LJSB101 – 106
To view Le Distillerie de Pezenas, enter references LDP101 – 103
To view Le Couvent d’Herepian, enter references LCH101 – 105
To view Port Rive Gauche, enter references PRG101 – 103

If you’re looking to rent a holiday villa in the beautiful south of France this year, look no further. Click on the link above and send us a request with your resort preference and dates.

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