Someday Summary: Falling down a ditch!

So, many years ago when we had just moved to France, we went out during the day to visit one of our new properties, which is where disaster struck!

One thing you need to know about France in order to fully grasp this story, is that there are ditches on the side of the roads pretty much everywhere! Our family car used to be a beautiful little silver daewoo, which was great for driving down the little French roads, we absolutely loved it! Having only just moved to France, we weren’t really aware of the amount of ditches, especially in little villages.

Upon our arrival at the property, we were searching for a parking spot so we could start work. After driving around for a little while we finally found one, so my mum started backing into the spot, when all of a sudden the back wheels fell down a ditch! We were completely shocked and had no idea what to do! Thankfully, there were some French villagers nearby who tried to help us (whilst also laughing at us).

At first, there were some kind men who came and attempted to lift our little car out of this ditch, sadly though, that failed. After over an hour of having absolutely no idea what to do, or who to call, a Frenchman turned to us and said “Wait right there, I’ll go and get my horse!”. Now, you can just imagine what we were thinking – “Did he just say he was going to get his HORSE?!” “How is a horse going to help?!”.
Nonetheless, he returned with none other than a big brown horse and a rope! Everyone was watching this man with open jaws, wondering how on earth this situation was going to unfold. He ended up tying the rope around the horse and around our car, and low and behold, the horse managed to pull our poor little car out of the ditch!

Now, there are two morals to this story, first of all, be careful whilst driving on French roads, you never know what you’re going to come across! And secondly, French people will always be there to help you if you’re silly enough to get your car stuck in a ditch.

If you’re wondering what this scenario looked like, it looked very similar to this photo, minus the snow.

Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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