Going on holiday could be beneficial to your health!

Studies have shown that the sun is only sufficiently strong with UVB rays during the summer months, in the UK, for our bodies to make Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is said to be crucial to maintaining a healthy body but it is scarcely found naturally in foods.  The main source of vitamin D is from the sun as our bodies can’t make it naturally without the UVB rays in the sun.  Vitamin D supplements are a good alternative to those of us living in the UK outside of the summer months but they don’t beat the body’s exposure to the sun.

That being said, sunscreen and a sensible amount of exposure to the sun is also essential.

The UVB rays are said to last longer in the south of France so booking a holiday in May or September could be a good time to get some extra Vitamin D that isn’t possible in the UK.

If you’re looking for a sun-filled holiday with extra Vitamin D and outside of the peak travel times with lower rates, you could book a holiday to the south of France in May or September.

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Get some Vitamin D!
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