Booking Tips for South France Holiday Villas

When booking a holiday villa through South France Holiday Villas, there are a number of pieces of information that you can give us in order help us find the best property for you:

1. Tell us how many adults and how many children there will be in your party.

2. Tell us the dates you require and whether or not they are flexible.

3. Tell us whether or not you require a pool at the property.

4. Tell us how close you would like to be to certain things such as the beach, shops, restaurants, etc.

5. Tell us whether you require facilities such as internet, UK satellite television, air-con.

6. Tell us whether you would prefer a modern property or an authentic, rustic property.

If you include as much information as possible in your first enquiry, it is likely that we will be able to find you your perfect property.

Booking Tips South France Holiday Villas

Happy villa-hunting!

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