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Welcome to our blog!  My name is Sally and I work for the owner of South France Holiday Villas, Juliana.


I am writing this blog, on pretty much a daily basis, about all and any aspects of life in the south of France.  I lived in the Languedoc for a while and Juliana still lives there so if you have any questions or would like me to write a blog about anything in particular, feel free to ask!  Here’s a little from Juliana:

Our family moved to Languedoc in the south of France from the UK over 9 years ago and once settled in the area, started a business which now concentrates on renting out local properties and providing a property management service for those who rent out their properties or just use it for themselves and their family.


Our staff are very experienced in dealing with just about any problem which could possibly arise, we often think we have seen everything but every year there are more surprises in store!

We have both English and French staff who are bilingual to ensure there are no communication problems.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about renting a villa in the south of France.

Warm regards,
Juliana Forte, Director.

Telephone:  0844 232 8583 or +33 (0)467491794

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