A trip to the Côte d’Azur part three – Marseillan

Our final stop on our Coôte d’Azur trip was Marseillan. It’s always been such a lovely place to visit, so we were eager to go back there.
We decided to go to L’Escale restaurant in Marseillan Port and it was lovely!  The weather was good so we sat outside on white sofas with comfy cushions, opposite the water and the boats.
One of the day’s ‘Specials’ was an onion quiche with a lovely crunchy cheesy topping and a large, multi-leaf salad which was gorgeous, and only 9.5o euros! There was also a fresh goat’s cheese which came with toasted bread and a salad with bacon. We were served with a jug of iced water and a basket of really nice bread for free so no need to buy expensive bottles of water which we always find very irritating whilst on the coast.
So, in summary, great food, friendly staff, a classy place with a really lovely seating area, super location, really good prices and a loo which was spotless (we always check the loos as sometimes you can find some real horror stories!)
A wonderful place to have lunch and watch the boats or spend a summer’s evening there.
Gina Evans-Forte
Gina Evans-Forte
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